Dear 3D Scanning service customers, we suggest you contact us before buying this 3D Scan service.
This is for 1 Hour of our professional 3D Scanning services where we will replicate the physical item you have sent as best as we can.
This includes all correction, post processing, repair, & multiple scans. We will give you as much data as we can, no problem.
These 3D Scans are sent as 3D CAD files which can be used for reverse engineering, replication, FEA, Stress testing, QA, dimensional measurements, etc. in obj, stl, or other popular sharing formats.

Normally any subsequent work will be discussed with you.
We normally try to give you very accurate quotes, & charge fairly rather than based purely on time.
If it takes us 2 hours, then you would be requested to buy 2x of this item.
Thanks for your support & understanding.