Esun PAHTCF Luvocom HT Carbon Fibre Nylon 3D Printer Filament

Esun PAHTCF Luvocom HT Carbon Fibre Nylon 3D Printer Filament

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eSun PA HT CF Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament

This is Esun’s Latest High Temp Nylon 6 with Carbon Fibre in it which can handle a whopping 180C Heat Deflection Temperature!
It is our highest heat handling Nylon filament.
ePAHT-CF has been jointly developed by eSUN and LUVOCOM.
It is also called Esun ePA6CF. Esun renamed it to ePAHTCF. Both are the same material, just different names.

Impact strength 12.74 KJ/M2
Tensile Strength 173.37 Mpa
Elongation at break 8.93%
Bending strength 171.64Mpa
Flexural modulus 5612.41Mpa
Heat distortion temperature 190℃

Flame-retardant Level: UL94-V2.

1.75mm 750g roll.

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Esun ePA6CF Features:

1. Nylon based, 15% carbon fiber.

2. Prints smoothly, matte finish when 3d printed.

3. High Strength, High Rigidity, High Toughness, Wear Resistance

4. Heat Deflection Temperature up to 180℃ is a goof fit to 3D print industrial parts.

5. Compared to pure Nylon, it has lower shrink rate and distortion, high accuracy without warped edges.

6. Good flame resistance, Flame-retardant level: UL94-V2.

7. Stainless steel nozzle recommended for extensive use with Carbon or Metal filaments. Brass nozzles are ok for occasssional use.

Recommended Print Settings: Please see our article here on how to 3D Print Carbon Fibre

Active Heated chamber recommended for the best performance. Heated chambers improve interlayer adhesion making for stronger parts. Even though CF Nylon doesn’t warp as much as ordinary Nylon, a heated chamber will
Consider our Creatbot F-430 3D Printer if you intend to 3D Print Functional Carbon Fibre parts in a production like manner.

3D Printer Store has NZ’s Largest range of the most functional 3D Printing filaments from the world In Stock in Auckland.

ePAHTCf is recommended for high heat applications as it has chopped fiber.

The other ePA12CF is based on superior Nylon 12, which also has many advantages such as low moisture absorption & is easy to print thanks to milled fiber. Overall, the ePA12CF is more versatile as it works in a broader range of applications.

ePA6CF (ePAHTCF) must be dried before printing, even when you first open a new roll, please dry it in an oven at 70C for at least 4 hrs before printing.

Please remember that these materials are more advanced than standard PLA so your 3D Printer, & your settings need to be tuned.
All materials with additives like Carbon or Metal can cause the nozzle to block more frequently & cause it to wear out faster.
Using a 0.6mm or fatter nozzle significantly helps with this but you must experiment with slow speed & retraction to get the best results.

Many Carbon Fibre Filaments on the market don’t deserve to be called ‘Carbon Fiber’.
They are simply PLA with 5% of Carbon fibre mixed in. These offer no actual improvement to functional capability as the base polymer is still PLA with only 5% fibre. They simply look like Carbon but will still Soften at 55C, & crack like PLA does. These filaments will also delaminate quickly under load. Please be careful of these filaments & ONLY use them for cosmetic things.

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