Garolite G10 Sheet with 3M MP468 adhesive sticker

Garolite G10 Sheet with 3M MP468 adhesive sticker

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Garolite is a glass fiber epoxy laminate used when high strength and consistent dimensional stability over high temperature is required.
Our G10 sheet is a sticker which has 3M MP468 glue on 1 side. This makes it very easy to install on your existing bed.

Be it a spring steel sheet, a carbon fiber sheet, a glass bed, an existing PEI coated bed, or a conventional metal bed – the G10 sticker can be easily applied to any 3d printing situation.
Garolite G10 is stiff, strong & hard wearing. This makes it really good as a 3D Printing surface for high wear usage.

This sheet will handle bed temps up to 130C.
The 500×300 is perfect for 3d printers like the F430 whose beds go up to 120C.

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Our G10 sheet is 1mm thick & has the worlds most reliable high temp glue 3M MP468 applied on 1 side, ready to use as a self sticker.
So you dont need to mess around with clips & deal with uneven surface issues or the surface moving while being 3d printed on.

It comes in virgin natural colour which is a translucent dark green.

Traditionally, G-10 is used for terminal boards, high humidity applications, electrical and electronic test equipment and electric rotor insulation.

G10’s advantage over PEI is G10 sticks very well to Nylon, with minimal glues, & is a very hard wearing surface.
G10’s disadvantage is that it handles 140C whereas PEI handles 180C, & PEI leaves behind the best print surface.
G10 can be slightly textured, PEI is very very smooth.

It is cheaper than PEI, so that can be attractive if you dont intend to print a lot of high temperature materials but do want a hard wearing surface.

G10 can still scratch, but is very easy to sand, so it is a very long lasting surface in that regard.

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400x400mm, 300x500mm

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