PEI Sheet with Tape 250x250mm for 3D Printer Beds

Do you want a 3D Printer bed which works with every plastic filament, gives a glossy finish, & lasts a very long time?
Of course you do! Please welcome PEI.

PEI sheets can be taped to ANY existing 3D Printer bed – metal, glass, ceramic or even buildtak.
Our sheets come with adhesive on 1 side, making for very easy application.
Please note that you can also buy PEI sheets without tape, however we do not sell those at present as the 3M glue is the best we have found so far to reliably adhere sheets.

Since PEI is a plastic, Adhesion with other polymers is a little more ‘natural’ so PEI works extremely well for everything.
PLA, ABS, PETg, PolyCarbonate, ASA, even PEI & PEEK – you 3d print it & it just works!

Of course getting things levelled, temperatures correct etc are absolutely critical for any material, but at least you’ve got the best starting point.

PEI tape sheets can be easily cut to fit your size & shape.
We sell PEI tape sheets in many popular 3d printer sizes at present:

  • 200 x 200mm which is great for the i3 plus etc
  • 250 x 250mm which is perfect for Creality Ender etc
  • 300 x 300mm which is perfect for our Creatbot DX etc
  • 400 x 300mm which are ideal for the Creatbot F430, DE etc