PEI Sheet for Cratbot F430 3D Printer Beds

Do you want a 3D Printer bed which works with every plastic filament, gives a glossy finish, & lasts a very long time?
Of course you do! Hello, PEI.

PEI sheets can be taped to ANY existing 3D Printer bed – metal, glass, ceramic, Garolite or even buildtak.
Our sheets come with 3M MP468 adhesive on 1 side, making for very easy application.

Please note that most others sell PEI sheets without the glue applied, however we do not sell those as the 3M glue is the best we have found so far to reliably adhere sheets.
It saves having to mess around with shaky bulldog clips or having a warpy material like ABS pull on the centre & bend the sheet up.

Since PEI is a plastic, Adhesion with other polymers is a little more ‘natural’ so PEI works extremely well for everything.
PLA, ABS, PETg, PolyCarbonate, ASA & even PEEK – you 3d print it & it just works!

Of course getting things levelled, temperatures correct etc are absolutely critical for any material, but at least you’ve got the best starting point.

PEI tape sheets can be easily cut to fit your size & shape.
We sell PEI tape sheets in many popular 3d printer sizes:

  • 200 x 200mm which is great for the smaller entry level printers
  • 300 x 300mm which is perfect for our Creatbot DX, & Flashforge Creator 3 etc
  • 400 x 300mm which are used for the Creatbot PEEK300 & Creatbot DE etc
  • 400x400mm which are good for Wanhao D9 & Creality beds
  • 500x300mm which are perfect for the Creatbot F430.

PEI sheets are just like tape & it is perfectly ok to join 2 sheets on the bed.
So even if your bed is an odd shape / size, putting the PEI tape on is not an issue.
We also order custom sizes on request if you don’t mind waiting 2 weeks.

Please note that if a nozzle digs into the PEI it is naturally going to get damaged but it is still ok to use the sheet.
They do not wear as easily as Kapton polyimide tape, PET tape, or paper tape.

Eventually, when the sheet surface does wear, you can sand with 1200 grit sand paper & breathe a little more life into it.
You do not need to replace PEI sheets frequently.

Thanks to low cost & long lasting performance, most of our customers have moved to PEI sheets exclusively.

We recommend you increase your bed temperature around 10C more than if you were to print on some other surface.
This is because all plastics are a bad conductor of heat, so your platform itself may reach the nominated temperature before the PEI sheet gets hot through the entire thickness & glue.
So your bed will read 50 C for eg, but the sheet will be at 40 C & you could experience issues with part adhesion.
It is not mandatory to increase temps, it just helps the 3d printer bed to the correct upper surface temperature needed for successful adhesion in time.