This is a 2 item package that includes 500g soluble support filament as well as 1kg solvent powder used to dissolve the material.

The VXL 130 Soluble Support Material is designed specifically to bond to high temp materials.
It offers good adhesion for challenging materials like:
PC+ABS, Nylon, PA12, PPS, PolyCarbonate, PEEK, PAEK, PEKK, as well as Carbon Fiber reinforced grades of these materials.
It is also usable with PETG, ABS, ASA, HIPS & TPU.

VXL 130 supports extruder temps upto 280C as well as heated chamber temps of 120C & bed temp of 130C.

The VXL material is not hygroscopic like PVA, so it absorbs far less water & is More Reliable Than PVA or BVOH.
Low moisture formulation helps with clog-free printing.

The matched VXL EX solvent is a powder designed to be mixed into hot water, in which the VXL130 support material will dissolve.
VXL EX Dissolving Powder is Environmentally friendly, Non-Caustic Detergent with pH < 11.5

Simply mix the washing powder into water at a 1:1 ratio with the weight of filament to be dissolved.
For eg, if the supports are 50 grams of filament used, then you need 50 g of powder in hot water.
The concentration of VXL EX in the water bath should be over 2.5 %, so use the water proportion accordingly.
Depending on the amount of material & the exact filament chosen, the water temp should be between 60-80C.

From there on you have a fast & easy to dissolve support material system that is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable & about the same as standard detergent soap.

WHY PREFER VXL Support rather than plain water based materials?

Water-soluble support materials tend to degrade quickly inside the nozzle, leaving a clogged print head. They rapidly absorb humidity from the surrounding air. Also, water-soluble supports are incompatible with a wide range of materials. Thus, making the alkaline soluble Xioneer VXL an ultimate choice rather than conventional PVA, BVOH or PVOH. The VXL EX is developed specifically to dissolve alkaline soluble support materials quickly and easily to keep the entire process as smooth as possible.