Ultrasonic Wash & Heated Curer combo

Ultrasonic Wash & Heated Curer combo

So we have fast resin 3d printers now, but have you thought about post processing faster?

Take away the mess & hassle of cleaning resin 3d prints by hand.
And dont wait nearly 50 mins to be able to use your 3d prints with conventional wash & cure devices.

With our Ultrasonic 40KHz industrial style washer & a Heated UV Curer, you will speed up your post processing time down to just 15 mins.
Thats just 15 mins from when your print is out to when a usable part is in your hand.

Standard curers do not heat the chamber.
Heating not only speeds up the cure, but more importantly, it significantly improves the internal structural integrity of your part.

Normal washer devices tend to rely only on the standard dissolution rate of resin into the cleaner.
Whereas ultrasonic cleaners actively separate the resin stuck to the part with a 40KHz wave, thus speeding up the cleaning process dramatically.

Wash for just 5 mins with resin cleaning liquid in the ultrasonic & then cure for 10 mins in the heated curer – you have your self a factory quality usable 3d printed part!


Ultrasonic Cleaner parameters:
Equipment size W330*D180*H240mm
Tank size W150*D130*H85mm
Capacity 1.5L

We have ultrasonic cleaners from 1.5L up to 30L available.
We can make a combo like this for you with any of these sizes.
Common sizes are 1L, 1.5L, 2.5L, 4.5L, 20L, 30L – we offer all of these.
So please ask us if you need a bigger cleaner for your part.

Heated Curing Box FC3 Specifications
Curing Volume 203mm cylinder x 139mm height
Temperature Range 35-60C adjustable
Time range 0-300 mins timer
UV wavelenght 405nm (compatible with most 380-420nm resins)
Curing Modes Standard / High Power Mode for industrial resins
Machine size 399x266x255mm compact foorprint

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 35 × 60 mm

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