Genuine E10 resin tray molded using non corrosive plastic.
This vat fits all EPAX E10 series 3D printers.
Works with the original 8.9″ screen E10 as well the new 10.1″ E10 5K 3d printers.
Each vat comes with a sheet of nFEP film already installed, ready to use.
Just remove the old tray out & slide the new one in. Thats it, easy installation.

  • Molded tank allows for cheap replacements and extras for switching out resin on the fly
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic sports increased durability and resistance to corrosion and resin.
  • It is equipped with a rubber seal to ensure that the vat is water-tight to help avoid resin leaks.
  • E10 Vat Max Volume 1500mL without build platform and 700mL with build platform