Don’t look back with the 5 important 3d printing filaments, PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon & Flexible TPU

PLA is what 90% of 3d printers start with & is the ideal 3d printing material in every way. Super easy to 3d print as there is no warping or shrinkage. Made from Non-toxic corn starch, compostable & bio-degradable, ok for Food contact too.

When you need slightly higher temperature capability & greater flexibility that PLA whilst still being ok for Food Contact, say hello to PET. PET is your classic coca cola bottle material. Relatively easy to work with, & has a beautiful shiny surface wall when 3d printed.

ABS is the most affordable ‘engineering’ plastic used in the industry. Has its challenges, but a true & tested material that is commonly sought after & the distant second most used 3d printer material in the world, well behind PLA though.

Nylon is probably the world’s most versatile Production plastic. Its most popular in mechanical applications including gears, but Nylon is great even in high stress & loading applications. It can bend extensively before it cracks, making Nylon a great for impact applications like drones too.

TPU / TPE / Flex are just different words for a class of Flexible rubbery plastic materials. We recommend starting with materials that are capable in the 90A shore hardness rated filament – & ours is one of the best, easiest to work with, functional PolyUrethane based Elastomeric Polymers in NZ.

Please specify Filament Diameter & Filament colours for your rolls in the notes section.
If you don’t specify filament diameter, we will assume 1.75mm as that is most common.
And we will send a random selection of colours for both rolls.
Some colours are only available in PLA & some are only in PLA+ (eg Translucent, Clear, Silver) – we will accordingly send what you order.
Please note this will be 1 roll ABS & 1 roll PLA, 1 roll of PETg, 1 roll of Nylon, & 1 TPU.