Magigoo PA adhesive is specifically designed for 3D printing with polyamide (nylon) filaments. It offers a strong adhesion to the bed for polyamide based filaments.

It can be used with all kinds of bed surfaces, however we recommend PEI or Garolite for Nylon.

It can also be used with Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon & Glass Filled Nylons.

When printing with higher temp filaments including Nylon 6 Carbon based filaments, if the Magigoo PA doesnt perform very well in your application, we also have Magigoo HT, which may work better in some cases.

Magigoo glue reduces warping in FDM 3D printers. Warping is caused by the differential cooling of a print during a 3D printing process made up of layers.

For printing Nylon reliably, apply a thin layer of Magigoo PA on your print bed before printing in nylon filaments.
This will ensure a successful print.
If too much glue has been lacquered on, please wipe with a damp sponge & then reapply glue.