Why buy the new FlashForge Adventurer 3D Printer?

The FlashForge Adventurer 3 is the best entry level 3D Printer in New Zealand thanks to key features like:

  • ZERO Assembly or Setup required – remove from box & start printing. No need to make from a kit.
  • Fully Automatic Calibration & Levelling
  • Enclosed unit allows printing a big range of materials compared to fully open kit 3d printers
  • Extremely silent design
  • Wifi for easy printing from anywhere
  • Webcam to monitor prints
  • Print remotely via the internet Cloud for Free too
  • 3D Print most common materials like PLA, PET, ABS, Wood, Metallic Silk & Flexible
  • Super Easy to use for everyone, even school kids
  • At home in any environment, whether home use, office desk or for education

Don’t just take our word for it, our Adventurer 3 is #1 on the New Zealand Top Reviews list as the best 3D Printer for All Skill Levels!