Flash Forge Creator PRO 2 IDEX 3D Printer Dual Extruder Heads

The world’s easiest to use Dual Head 3D Printer is now in NZ.
Please welcome the simple & reliable FlashForge Creator Pro V2.
The V2 is the latest update to the popular & proven FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer, giving it Independant Dual Extruders!

You can 3d print 2 materials or colours, & do many other cool projects with this 3d printer.
This 3d printer is great for entry level users who want a little bit more capability, but do not want to miss out on simplicity & ease of use.
Its perfect for the education sector, great for schools & colleges, even with younger primary or intermediate school age children.
It is also excellent for serious hobbyists who want a machine that they can grow with as they get more into 3d printing.

Build volume 200mm x 150 x 148mm

With things like automatic levelling & a fully guided assisted setup, you will be printing in no time.
This is not the kit, you don’t have to assemble it all from scratch like other cheaper 3d printers.
Aside from attaching the heads, you do not need to do anything to start printing.
It will allow you to 3d print with a vast range of prosumer materials with ease.

So what is an IDEX 3D Printer & why would you want it? Please have a read of our article here to learn more.