3D Printer parts in NZ

  • Genuine Creatbot second generation nozzles. Will suit all Creatbot D series 3D Printers we sell: DM, DX, DE & Plus versions We stock a wide range of nozzle diameters: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm  
  • Genuine Wanhao Branded Mats for use on the beds of all Wanhao i3 & i3 plus 3D Printers. Works extremely well for most materials like PLA, ABS & PETG. Backed with original 3M glue adheres extremely well on the metal beds.
  • Do you print a lot with PETg, ABS, even Polycarbonate or Nylon? If you find that challenging parts still tend to warp on other surfaces, please try our PET tape for all your functional parts. It also offers an excellent mirror finish on your the bottom surface. 50mm wide so strips are easy to manage, & 50 metres long so the rolls last a while. This is a tough & thick type of tape that will last a while compared to other alternatives like Kapton (Polyimide) It is not as difficult or delicate to use as Polyimide & doesnt tear easily. For those of you who use a lot of ABS with Kapton Poyimide tape, we have found that PET tape actually adheres even better! Especially for PetG & ABS this tape is absolutely fantastic. We do not recommend this for PLA, please use our other painters masking tape, that one is excellent for PLA & more versatile so works even on Petg & ABS but it doesnt have a glossy finish. For glossy finish on PLA, you can print directly on good glass / ceramic. Please do not print PetG directly on ceramic or glass, use a surface of some sort to avoid damage to your platform. Our tapes are stocked right here in Auckland & ready to ship all around NZ.  
  • Genuine Wanhao Branded Magnetic upper Mat for use on the beds of Wanhao i3 plus mk2 3D Printers. For older version please buy the other BuildTak style bed mat. Works extremely well for most materials like PLA, ABS & PETG.
  • This is a temperature sensing thermister for Wanhao i3 3d printers. Please carefully specify if you want them for i3, i3 v2, i3 plus, i3 plus mk2, or i3 mini.  
  • For Creatbot DM , DX / DX Plus & DE / DE Plus 3D Printers This circuit board detects if there is a power failure while your Creatbot 3d printer is printing. Then when power resumes & the printer is started, the option to resume to resume the existing print is offered. This circuit is not critical, & the printer can still continue to be used with the board's white wire unplugged. Locations where there are excessive power outages seem to cause this board to blow out more frequently than other places. This is mainly because of spikes & voltage fluctuations in such locations. If you experience the need to frequently replace these, we recommend connecting your printer through a spike protector.
  • This is a temperature sensing Thermocouple for Creatbot D series 3d printers. They will fit all Creatbot DX & DE machines bought since 2015.  
  • The new Orange see-through lids for the excellent Wanhao D7 machines. These lids have semi-transparent plastic strips through which you can get a quick view of the build progress. They will work on all D7 & D7 plus version 3D Printers to date.